Adding Second Life Avatar to Real Life Photo

I’m not sure why, but I suddenly got the urge to add my avatar to a real life photo I took earlier this week while hiking.  Obviously one way to do this would be to take a photo of my avatar and simply cut and paste him onto another photo using a photo editing program.  But I decided to take a different route and actually take a photo of him in Second Life, standing in front of a backdrop of my hiking photo.  Here’s the end result:

My avatar in real life.  Well not so much.

My avatar in a real life photo. Well not so much.

Now honestly, I could have done a better job of this, but this wasn’t meant to be high quality.  It was just a fun project.  I spent more time writing this post for the website than I did making the photo!

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Error: Material of model is not a subset of reference model

How to fix the Second Life Upload Model window error message “Error: Material of model is not a subset of reference model”.  This error message results when the material names used in different LOD models of the same 3D object  are not identical.  Following is a quick guide on how to fix this problem. Continue reading

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Blender Crashes When Exporting to Collada Using Second Life Settings

Periodically I have found that Blender crashes when I try to export (or save) my model to Collada (*.dae) using the Second Life Static Preset values.  It seems to happen most often after parts of the model I am creating are deleted, as when trying to simplify the model to create lower levels of detail for use in uploading to Second Life.   In most cases the solution is fairly easy and the file can be repaired in about 5 minutes or less.  Unfortunately this easy solution does not always work.  On the other hand, it does work most of the time!  So here’s how to fix the crash problem, both a quick description for those with lots of Blender experience and detailed step-by-step instructions for the rest of us…  (article updated 4/13/2014)

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A Simple Way to Reduce your Second Life Land Impact by up to 50%

Did you know you may be able to reduce the number of land impact units used on your Second Life® property simply by linking objects together?  That’s right, you may be able to reduce the number of land impacts used by up to 50%.  Even better, it’s easy to do!  Now to be realistic, you probably won’t see 50% savings.  But even saving a few land impact units allows you to add more objects to your Second Life (SL) property.

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Newbies Not Allowed – Second Life

OK, you’re new to Second Life and you start exploring, you drop into a location that sounds cool to check it out, and seconds later you find yourself ejected– sent “home”!!!  A cryptic message probably tells you something about your avatar not being old enough, you need to have been a SL member for a week, month, or even a year perhaps, before you are allowed to visit the area!  That REALLY sucks, and if you are like me, you are seriously pissed about it. What do they have against “newbies”?

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Stripping Comments from a Script

This article explains how to easily strip single comment lines from scripts.  Typically these comment lines start with either // or # characters.   Second Life’s® lsl scripting language,  PHP, and other c++ style scripts use //.   Shell style scripts use comments that start with #.  Either style of  comment lines may be easily removed from your script in a single operation using a free, online text editing tool. Continue reading

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Object or Item Giver Script for Second Life

script 300x238Place this script in a prim, like a sign, and it becomes a item delivery system.  Great for delivering free items like demos, freebies, or notecards.  When touched in-world at Second Life®  it will deliver a selected item from the prim’s inventory to the avatar that touched it.  Includes optional features that will cause the prim to glow slightly when touched providing a visual clue as to the action.  The script also has a notification option, when activated the script will send an IM and or email message to you notifying you that an item was given away and also giving you the name of the avatar who it was given to. Continue reading

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Script to Add, Change, or Delete Floating Text over Object

script 300x238This is a simple script for changing the floating text (sometimes called hover text)  above a prim object in Second Life.  The script uses the standard Second Life LSL scripting language function llSetText.

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New Teleporter with Rotation for Second Life – Full Version

Teleporter Full Ad 300x225This is my latest teleporter, over 6 months in development and hundreds of hours of testing went into it.  I designed this teleporter from the ground up to be suitable for use in large full sim builds, with typical features that merchants would want in it.  Yet at the same time it is very flexible, so that all those features can be turned off if desired.  So it will work just as well for teleporting from the ground to a skybox at 4090m in height.  Not only does it teleport without that annoying visual “0,0,0 effect” it is also very fast, with most teleports taking under 3 seconds to complete.  A lot of work and optimizations went into making sure that speed was not sacrificed as features were added.  For the price you will not find a comparable teleporter in SL. In fact, I don’t think there is another one at any price with these features!!!

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Background Music or Sounds Won’t Turn Off Second Life


How to block or modify sound coming from a  neighbors Media Player

How to block or modify sound coming from a neighbors Media Player

After updating the Second Life® Viewer to version 3.4.3 this really annoying Metal Rock song would start playing whenever I was at my Second Life home.  I was unable to mute the sound or turn down the volume using the Second Life Viewer’s sound controls.  The noise continued unless I left the region.  It turns out the problem is that the Second Life Media Player projects sounds over parcel lines, and has it’s own volume controls.  The noise might also be something like a commercial, TV/video program,  soundtrack, or a griefer’s prank dialog.  I thought it was someone griefing me for a long time.  But it was just a “noisy neighbor.” Here’s the solution to silencing them…

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