Goodby to Finding My Way in Second Life®

NOTE: The articles that were on FindingMyWayinSL  have been moved to:

I’m saying goodbye to the Finding My Way in Second Life® website due to lack of interest (both mine and readers!)   New virtual worlds are coming, both from the makers of Second Life® and others, which I believe will slowly replace Second Life.  Already Kitely has drawn away many of those I knew in SL who’s primary interest is in building their own virtual worlds do to the much lower costs of “land” there.  More competitors with lower prices and/or better quality are expected to be online in the next year.  For that reason I don’t think a website with “SL” in it’s name will be relevant in coming years.  My new website is not specific to any virtual world or software which should make it more flexible for me to write on whatever topic has me excited at the moment! :)



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